Tibeten Market

Tibetan Market is located near by Imperial hotel in Janpath, Connaught Place, Delhi. Here you can find chain of shops with every possible famous artificial items from all over the India. This market is specially for antique items like lamps, miniatures, clocks, watches, Buddhist tangkhas. This market is mainly denoted to Tibetan refugee. This market is established to promote little tibetan of delhi. This market is best if you want any vintage items. There are several shops which selling vintage items. So, here you have lots of choice for vintage items. However, if you have good bargaining skill, then you may get vintage items at very low cost. If you visit Tibetan Market then there you can eat some delicious items like momos and chowmein etc.

This market welcomes you with selling multiple types of Tibetan artificial items like paintings, statues and shawls. Here you can find some designer clothes, leather items and footwears etc. In this street you will see not only paintings, handicrafts and carpets, but also some much precious stones, gems, masks, dazzling knives and some more good items, that will make your head turn and your hands move towards your pocket.